The Sin Bin

For 2-6 players, (or 6 teams of 6-36 players + Ref)

  • (1) 8 numbered players of each of the following colour.
    • a. Red
    • b. Green
    • c. Blue
    • d. Orange
    • e. Grey
    • f. White
  • (2) Game board with colour coded circle in centre.
  • (3) Spinner to be placed in the centre of Rugby ball.
  • (4) Exercise mat with 8 coloured sections within board
  • (5) 6 packs of 50-100 cards of various rugby questions, i.e.
    • RWC 1987 questions
    • RWC 1991 questions
    • RWC 1995 questions
    • RWC 1999 questions
    • RWC 2003 questions
    • RWC 2007 questions
  • (6) 1 pack of 50-100 CC (Conversion cards) placed on Black
  • (7) 1 pack of 50-100 GK (General Knowledge) cards placed on Pink
  • (8) 1 pack of Debenture tickets(5)
  • (9) One Web Ellis cup for the winner.
  • (10) One red card
  • (11) Six yellow cards
  • (12) Six main players(Captains) to move about the pitch(numbered)

How to play the Game-Rules of the Game

  • Set up game board game. Place all question cards on a colour of choice on the exercise mat.
    Place the G K (General Knowledge) questions on Pink and the CC (conversion cards) on Black.
  • How to Play The objective is to have all 6 players in the hospitality suite, to win the game. Two additional players can be of any colour. For Example, 6 players plus one blue and one green, not two extra green players.
  • Select a referee, who will ask the questions and spin the dial. Ensure referee can hold his decision making. All order of questions starts to the left of the referee and move round the table. The referee can accept one answer if there is multiple answers. He can throw the question to the rest of the teams if the selected player cannot answer. The ref’s decision is final. He can decide if the player goes to the sin bin or not, dependant on the level of question.Six Debenture cards are shuffled with the GK pack. One Debenture card is kept with the referee.

    All players decide on their Captain/ player and all commence the game at Gate A, using the icon/ players numbered.

    Each player has to answer a conversion question CC, correct to enter the pitch and take a hospitality suite. There are four steps to the pitch itself. The first player to access pitch and his suite receives a debenture card from the referee.

    As soon as there are players in the hospitality suite, the questions are asked via the colour coded spinner in the middle of the board.

    Each player must answer a general knowledge question correctly first.

    When the spinner stops on red, the referee will ask a question from the red pack. On answering correctly the captain can take his suite numbered player and place him on the red chair in the hospitality suite.

    To win the Grand Slam Trophy /Webb Ellis Cup. The Captain of suite 1, will have to answer 8 questions to get his men to leave by Gate D. unless, the appropriately numbered player is in the VIP Suite. If this is the case, he doesn’t need to answer those questions to leave and win.

    First team to go by Gate D wins Trophy, Grand Slam

  • Strategy Once player arrives from Gate A to hospitality suite-A General Knowledge question must be answered every time before the spindle is spun for the numbered players to be won.If spinner stops on red, then whatever pack is on red, once the question is answered correctly the relevant player is placed on the red chair in the hospitality suite.

    If question is answered incorrectly- The player goes to the sin bin immediately.

    Any other opponent can shout out the answer and it’s the Ref’s prerogative if he takes it as a correct answer. If it’s correct, start drinking and the opponent can take the player and use this as his turn to take another spin and another chance at answering a different category to gain players into his suite. If he has the coloured player already in his suite, he can use this turn as his opportunity to gain another.

    To leave the sin bin, you must answer a (conversion card) CC, when it’s your turn. On getting this right, you return to the hospitality suite. You can answer a relevant coloured question. You don’t need to answer a general Knowledge question at this time.

    On getting the question wrong, you return to the sin bin and wait your turn. The Captain cannot fill the rest of his hospitality suite until he is out of the sin bin.

    On getting the question wrong, you return to the sin bin and wait your turn. The Captain cannot fill the rest of his hospitality suite until he is out of the sin bin.

    The objective is to collect your 8 players and once in place you all leave, in turn by gate D. You must answer the appropriate question from the conversion pack to leave.

  • Debenture ticket One Debenture ticket is handed to the first player to enter the chosen hospitality suite. This Debenture can be used to win a player without the player having to answer any question, but must be his turn. He can redeem his ticket any time. He can also redeem the sin bin with his debenture ticket too.If the referee picks up a Debenture card from the general knowledge pack, the player is given the card. The referee will proceed and ask the next question to the same player.

    There are five Debenture cards shuffled with the G K pack.

    There is a red card shuffled with the conversion, CC, pack. The six yellow sin bin cards are shuffled with the GK questions. This automatically sends you to the sin bin.

    If you pick up a red card whilst using the conversion pack, you automatically lose the game.

    If you spin to orange on your turn, but you already have the corresponding orange chair filled, you can tackle another numbered orange, not yet in a suite. On answering the question correct, he can be placed in your hospitality suite, and your own numbered orange, enters the VIPLounge. This makes this colour/number exempt from answering – the leave by Gate D questions.

    You can only have 6 of your own numbered players in the VIP LOUNGE. If this happens, you are the outright winner. However, you can only win if all your coloured chairs in your suite are full regardless of how many VIP you may have tackled. If you have tackled a player from each box, it is unlikely anyone else can win, therefore, the winner is declared immediately.

    To take your tackled player from the VIP suite, you can on your turn, land on the right colour appropriate to the player in the VIP suite. This question has to come from the CC pack and must be answered within two attempts to win the player back.

    To vary the questions played, there are packs available covering from 1970 on each country, including packs called “Statistics, Random, Personalities” and future other Rugby questions. Packs are available in sets of two categories, i.e. RWC 2011, RWC2015, France General and Wales General etc. Specific category can be ordered to suit individual requirements pending availability.

    Please see in-store for details.

    Please email :- if you require further /individual questions.