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A board game for all rugby enthusiasts. Play at home or in the rugby club and surround yourself with a team of players to test your knowledge of the game. Enjoy some trivia questions and stuff you never thought you knew. Learn about bits you forgot about during the last World Cup and remind yourself on how much knowledge you have of the sacred game.
Demonstrate to your mates and team players how knowledgeable you are and keep yourself out of the sin bin and tackle you opponents’ players to win the game.

Buy new category questions to change the game.
Category available .99

1. RWC 2011
2. RWC 2015 (not yet available)
3. Wales -1970 -£1.99
4. Wales
5. Argentina
6. Australia
7. England
8. Fiji
9. France
10. Ireland
11. Italy
13. South Africa
14. Scotland
15. Tonga.